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Mindfulness & Gratitude

"The only way to live is by accepting every moment as an unrepeatable miracle." - Tara Brach

What You Will Learn

  • Identify strategies to help you consciously slow down and appreciate your life.

  • Understand the importance of showing gratitude.

  • Adopt practices that will help you be present for yourself and for others.

  • Be more mindful throughout the day to get the most out of every activity and experience.

  • Create memorable moments with those important to you by actively listening and responding with care and compassion.

How You Can Get Started


  1. Review What is Mindfulness and take the self-assessment.

  2. If based on the self-assessment you are Mind Full instead of Mindful, carefully review the Benefits to Practicing Mindfulness which includes a list of mindfulness activities to get you started.

  3. Use the resource called Mindfulness – Get Started to identify one or two mindfulness activities you want to incorporate into your week immediately.

  4. Write them down along with when and how you will incorporate them.




  1. Review Gratitude – How It Impacts Your Life.

  2. Use the resource called How to Bring Gratitude into Your Life to identify one or two activities to practice gratitude this week.

  3. Write them down along with when and how you will incorporate them.

  4. Use the Gratitude Journals information to determine if this is something you would like to explore and if so, have fun Choosing Your Gratitude Journal.


Be kind with yourself as you get started and don’t expect to keep these practices up daily.  Anything you can do to add elements of Mindfulness & Gratitude to your day and week will make you and others around you feel better – it ignites a spark which becomes contagious.   

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