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Understanding Yourself & Others - Behavioral IQ

"Kindness can transform someone's dark moment with a blaze of light. You'll never know how much your caring matters." - Amy Leigh Mercree

What You Will Learn

  • Identify and understand the 4 basic behavioral styles

  • Identify and understand the 6 key motivators and 12 driving forces

  • Find your own unique combination of the above

  • Learn how to adapt your style to connect better with others

  • Understand others so to build a workplace that favors all

How You Can Get Started


Understanding D.I.S.C. 

To begin, read Core Issues Addressed by the DISC Approach to learn more about how this process can help you and your team.  Next take a look at DISC – The Universal Language of Observable Behaviour as a great overview to help you understand more about this approach.

If you are still interested, here are some resources to dive deeper:

  1. The DISC Approach - Get a basic understanding of this behavioural profiling methodology.  

  2. The DISC Clue Sheet - Learn more about the behavioural differences identified in the 4 DISC Profiles.

  3. Learn more about the core motivators associated with the DISC approach with these:

    1. The DISC 12 Driving Forces

    2. Pursuing a Passion or Punching a Clock? A Guide to the 12 Driving Forces in All of Us

    3. How Each of the 12 Driving Forces React to Crisis

  4. Be aware of your changing environment and review Gender, Pronouns, & Inclusion in the Workplace.

  5. Reboarding in the Workplace - Learn more about What Leaders & Workers Need to Know.

  6. Review the Competitive Matrix to compare DISC to other Service Providers.


Undertaking the D.I.S.C. Approach & Using the Results

  1. Complete The Talent Insights Assessment.

  2. Review your DISC Assessment and write down any questions you may have.

  3. Get the most from your DISC Assessment by reviewing the Self-Debriefing Guide.

  4. If additional professional support is desired, please contact to learn more about fee for services related to customized DISC sessions for one or more individuals on your team.   

LOVE this topic? Here are more resources to dig into...
Catch up or Refresh with the Live Session Recording
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