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The 22 Step Journey
Woman on the GO!

Have access to all of our best practice resources through our online dashboard, which is accessible when and where you please!

Feel free to tap into our communication community which includes LinkedIn Updates & Articles, Our Going Off Script Podcasts, Webinars, Hand-Picked Affiliates, Favourite Podcasts & Books,                and Much More!




This independent learning approach allows you the flexibility and freedom to achieve the practice you have always dreamed of by helping you specifically with detailed implementation for what matters most to you - on your own terms & at own pace.  This includes the why, who, what, when & how of all that you are trying to achieve.


The 22 Step Journey

On Demand Curriculum


You will also have 24/7 on-line access to our exceptional best practices program.

Connect to Our

Women In Wealth Community


Podcasts, Newsletters and automatic updates from our Empower-Energize-Elevate community. 

Access to Our Group of

Exclusive Affiliates


You will be introduced to a variety of our wonderful affiliates who will share their knowledge and expertise.


What's Included?

"Woman must not accept, she must challenge."

Margaret Sanger

Join Our Community

You are welcome and encouraged to participate in our Empower-Energize-Elevate community through LinkedIn, Language of Women seasonal newsletters, Leave the Cape at the Door podcasts, and invitations to general Women Are Here Events hosted or sponsored events.  

Program Fee            $125/Month  * Available April 2022 *

Program Duration       Self-Study & Self-Paced

Reach out to us at where you will be connected with one of our consultants who can help you decide if the Woman on the GO! is right for you.

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