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The 22 Step Journey
Community Learning Series

Join a program designed specifically to help women in wealth achieve professional and personal success - as defined by them. 


Learn and implement with a group of like-minded women a series of best practices to bring excellence, balance and success to your practice.





This comprehensive, dynamic program is designed to help you achieve the practice you have always dreamed of by helping you meaningfully define your Life Plan, your Ideal Client, & what matters most to you - personally & professionally.  From here, we help you fine-tune your Client Experience, Communications & Branding, Leadership & Team Management, and approach to working with Your Strategic Partners to achieve it.











Welcome Package


You will receive a Welcome Kit containing a variety of items aimed to inspire and motivate you on this journey.

The Group Coaching

Learning Series


You will participate in 22 Live Interactive Group Learning Sessions. 



You will receive 3 one-to-one personal coaching sessions with your assigned Senior Business Consultant. 

The 22 Step Journey

On Demand Curriculum


You will also have 24/7 on-line access to our exceptional best practices program.

Access to Our Group of

Exclusive Affiliates


You will be introduced to a variety of our wonderful affiliates who will share their knowledge and expertise.

Connect to Our

Women In Wealth Community


Podcasts, Articles and automatic updates from our Empower-Energize-Elevate community. 

What's Included?

Program Duration             One Year 

Program Fee                $12,500 per Advisory Team (Maximum 5 Participants)  

Interested in Learning More? 

Reach out to us at where you will be connected with one of our Senior Business Consultants who can help you determine if the Women in Wealth Community Learning Series is right for you.

"She believed she could, so she did."

R. S. Grey

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