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The 22 Step Journey
Concierge Consulting


Participate in an exclusive partnership with your personal business consultant to help you achieve professional and personal success - as defined by you. 


Focus on practice management, life management, and team leadership to create your dream life.





This highly personalized one-on-one consulting is designed to help you achieve the practice you have always dreamed of by helping you specifically with detailed implementation for what matters most to you.  This includes the why, who, what, when & how of all that you are trying to achieve.










Empower-Energize-Elevate Deluxe Welcome Package

The package contains a variety of items to inspire and motivate you to want us to get this show on the road!

Bi-Weekly One-on-One Concierge Sessions

These sessions will focus on helping you get specific results and implementation in pre-identified areas of importance to you.

The 22 Step Journey

24/7 on-line access

Access to our exceptional best practices program, which includes a variety of videos, resources, and online instructions. 

Direct Access To Business Coaching

You will have direct access to your personal Business Coach during normal business hours.

Connect To Our Women In Wealth Community

Automatic updates from our Empower-Energize-Elevate community through LinkedIn.

What's Included?

Access to Our Group of

Exclusive Affiliates


You will be introduced to a variety of our wonderful affiliates who will share their knowledge and expertise.

Program Duration             One Year

Program Fee                $29,500

Our Commitment to Excellence 


Due to the highly personalized nature of this exceptional concierge program, participant space is very limited.

Interested in Learning More? 

Reach out to us at where you will be connected with one of our Senior Business Consultants who will bring you through our thoughtful FIT process, which is intended to ensure everyone involved can make a sound decision regarding whether or not the Woman in Wealth Concierge Program is right for you.

"You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestation of your own blessings."

Elizabeth Gilbert

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