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New Hire Onboarding

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that is all who ever has." - Margaret Mead

What You Will Learn

  • Feel good about the professional process you have adopted to onboard your New Hires.

  • Create high levels of trust and elevate the New Hire’s trust through the transition experience.

  • Outline and document your well-defined process of onboarding a New Hire to ensure you                                         create an exceptional first impression.

  • Use a structured, proactive checklist to fully manage all pre-arrival activities to ensure a smooth onboarding process, across all core areas, with nothing falling through the cracks.

  • Ensure that each New Hire has a consistent onboarding experience which is turn-key and easy for you deliver, as well as promoting a positive experience associated with your brand.

How You Can Get Started

We are providing a full slate of resources for the New Hire Onboarding Process, and depending on the position you are hiring for, you may have to modify them accordingly. Each of these tools is completely customizable so be sure to use the tool that best serves you based on your process and approach to onboarding for your specific New Hire.

Bringing on Your New Hire

  1. Read the New Hire Onboarding Overview to get a clear understanding of the four key components of a comprehensive welcome, onboarding and integration process:

    • Office Space & Operations – Getting their New Workspace Ready

    • Human Resources – Immersing them in their New Culture

    • Marketing – Launching them with their New Branding

    • Client Transition – Setting them up for Growth & Expansion with the Client Transition

  2. Identify who in your organization will coordinate each of these four areas. It may be several different individuals, one individual or a division devoted to New Hire Onboarding – regardless, there needs to be accountability so we can trust each component is executed.

  3. Use the Office Space & Operations Guidelines and Office Space & Operations Checklist provided as a means of coordinating all aspects of having workspace ready to go for your New Hire.

  4. Use the Human Resources Guidelines and HR Checklist provided as a means of coordinating all aspects of the necessary HR requirements and paperwork so that everything is ready to go for your New Hire.

  5. Use the Marketing & Branding Guidelines and Marketing & Branding Checklist provided as a means of coordinating all necessary marketing materials so that everything is ready to go for your New Hire.

  6. As with anything that is process-driven, we encourage you (where possible) to fully automate processes like this using your CRM to allow for seamless application and implementation.

  7. Review the New Hire Onboarding Master Checklist.

Note: There is also a Client Transition Process which is covered in a separate module and is suitable for  New Hires who are Financial Advisors bringing clients along with them.

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