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New Hire Integration

"Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence." - Sherly Sanders

What You Will Learn

  • Engage others on the team, where appropriate, to mentor the New Hire.

  • Feel great about the process you have adopted to fully integrate your New Hires.

  • Use a structured, proactive Integration Checklist to fully manage all training required to                                                  help them manage their time and priorities appropriately.

  • Provide a warm, professional and proactive approach to welcoming your New Hire, making sure they are fussed over for the first month, including several ‘surprise & delight’ moments.

  • Create high levels of confidence by scheduling a weekly Integration Checklist to review and discuss progress, along with identifying high priorities for the week ahead.

How You Can Get Started

To understand the importance of everything leading up to now, and including both the New Hire Welcome Process and the New Hire Integration, review The Formula for New Hire Success.

New Hire Welcome Process

  1. Prepare ahead of time to ensure the New Hire arrives to a professional, organized, and proactive organization – this means following all aspects of the previous best practice.

  2. Use the New Hire Welcome Process to map out what you will do, beginning on day one. right through to the end of the first 90-days of training.  This is often the most important and intense period.

  3. You can fully integrate this process with your CRM to set daily/weekly triggers to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

  4. Order any items required ahead of time, such as the Welcome Gift.

New Hire Integration

  1. To understand how all the pieces of the integration process flow together, review How to Successfully Integrate a New Person.

  2. You can begin to prepare a detailed checklist for your New Hire before they begin, so it is ready and waiting for them on day one.  This will be their roadmap to training and integration.

  3. Use our sample templates as a great starting point:

  4. Choose the format that best fits your New Hire situation and approach.

  5. Customize the Integration Checklist appropriately so it is ready for your New Hire to use, based on their specific role, and with the systems and processes they will be using on a day-to-day basis.

  6. Save the New Hire Integration Checklist in the New Hire Master folder on the shared drive so it readily available for the next New Hire.

    • Save it with specific titles:  Integration Checklist – CSA, Integration Checklist – Associate, or Integration Checklist – Administrative Assistant, etc.

  7. Be sure to review and update it appropriately when required.

  8. Use this resource any time you bring on a New Hire in the future.

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