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"You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

Eleanor Roosevelt

Marci Fried,

Senior Business Consultant

She LOVES What She Does

Marci works primarily with highly skilled and successful teams, providing expert guidance. Amongst other things her clients are seeking to raise the bar in terms of running their business like a business and attracting and competitor proofing their best clients.

Where It All Began...

With over three decades of professional experience her background is extensive and covers a wide spectrum including roles as a Financial Advisor, Senior Management at a Fortune 500 Company and building and running a successful small business for nearly a decade.

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Connect with Marci

Marci's industry knowledge, business experience and entrepreneurial spirit make her an excellent consultant for advisors and enterprises looking to take their business to the next level. Her personal experience implementing the Pareto System, as well as her extensive business experience, enables her to successfully implement a results-driven process.


Marci's strong communication skills and ability to understand both basic and complex business scenarios give her clients the opportunity to quantify what it is they want and how best to achieve breakthrough results. Marci uses her expertise to understand and develop individual's strengths, and then to use them to achieve growth, development and improve performance for the individual, team and ultimately the client experience.


Her partnerships with her clients are rooted in a customized and process driven mindset.

The first step in her process when engaging with a new client is Discovery. Utilizing a robust proprietary Gap Analysis to identify untapped opportunities and over looked vulnerabilities, provide clarity. The next step in her process is to Design a plan tailored to the unique needs of the client, this gives perspective. Step three is Deploy, instill confidence that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place, clearly understood and focused to address the needs of the client, driven by what matters- this gives the complete picture.

To drive implementation, goals are agreed with set deliverables, thereby ensuring both parties are accountable for delivering improvement, which leads to results and measurable outcomes.

Marci has demonstrated a sustained ability to see her clients move from intent to implementation, essential to achieving their exceptional outcomes.

Education & Credentials

  • Founder and Owner -The Women Are Here

  • Entrepreneur

  • Strategic Leadership Advisor

  • Pareto Certified Senior Business Advisor

  • Team Building Strategist

  • Acquisitions Specialist

  • Professional Speaker

  • Professional Business Development Consulting

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