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Elaine - the REAL me 


Giving Back to My Community

Elaine takes the opportunity whenever possible to advocate for those that are less able to advocate for themselves.

Through sponsoring individual families through difficult times, mentoring young women and girls, Elaine is always looking to share with those that want and need support.

About My Family 

Elaine lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. The area is conducive to all outdoor activities, from walking the beachfront, hiking the numerous trails, floating on the water, golfing, and, when the weather is just right, skiing at beautiful Big White.

The latest passion (addiction?) however, is Pickleball.  When the sun shines, Elaine can be found outdoors, and when the rain comes, Elaine is indoors when possible.

More than anything else, however, she loves spending time with her young adult daughter. Experiencing the evolution from childhood to elegant and empowered individual is one of the greatest rewards.


What Inspires Me

Elaine draws inspiration from others who have been there. Elaine has been fortunate enough to have had numerous mentors that have each added pieces to the, yet finished puzzle of life.


Elaine strives to be some pieces of the personal puzzle for other Women and Girls to see their potential.

Elaine is a believer in the idea that “anything that has been done by others, can be replicated”.  Elaine strives to learn from others, adapt that knowledge and translate it back to an empowering tool to help others.

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