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Living Your Best Life With Intention & Inspiration

"Intention is one of the most powerful forces there is. What you mean when you do a thing will always determine the outcome." - Brenna Yovanoff

What You Will Learn

  • Identify the various aspects that define your Best Life – both professionally and personally

  • Carefully reflect on which ones are aligned with your Best Life and celebrate this

  • What is on your absolute ‘yes’ list for the next year

  • Identify which ones are not aligned with your Best Life and initiate steps to come into alignment

How You Can Get Started

Take Inventory – Are You Living Your Best Life?

  1. Complete the Your Best Life – Take Inventory worksheet to begin capturing the essence of your Best Life and your current level of alignment as it relates to each of the following areas :

    • Health & Wellbeing 

    • Family

    • Friends

    • Fun & Adventure

    • Spirituality

    • Career

    • Finance

    • Volunteer & Service

  2. There is a reason Health & Wellbeing is at the top of the graphic – without it, nothing else can reasonably be achieved. Review The Six Areas of Your Health & Wellbeing to do a quick check in with yourself in this especially important area.

  3. Think about each area you want to realign and use the Your Best Life – Getting There worksheet to carefully document the goals and supporting actions necessary to achieve this. 

  4. Use the Your Best Life – Commit to a Plan of Achieving It to document the commitment you are making to yourself by clearly defining goals and a specific timeline to help you achieve what matters most to you.

    • You may want to use the Goal Setting: Be SMART to help you clearly articulate your goals.

    • It is important you discuss and share goals directly related to the business with your team as they will be an integral part of achieving them.

  5. Use the Your Best Life – A Reflection to carefully consider how your life would be impacted if you did achieve everything you set out to.  Sometimes this uncovers that achieving success in certain areas of our life, may create difficulties in some way – disrupting the flow of what works for us, but possibly not everyone around us. It is important to think about this because these fears can be subconsciously causing you to sabotage yourself.

Keeping Your Best Life on Track

  1. Create a reminder in your calendar to review Your Best Life goals every 90 days:

    • Celebrate your wins and successes!

    • Reprioritize what remains important to you.

    • Keep moving forward!

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