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Sherri - the REAL me 


Giving Back to My Community

Sherri’s life has been personally affected by Autism and she has fully embraced advocating for this cause. She is the President & Founder of the Sooke Autism Support System (SASS). 

Her group is committed to making a meaningful impact on local families who have children with Autism through their many community support services:

  • Monthly Informational & Support Meetings

  • Individual Mentoring & Support

  • Lending Library of Special Needs Tools & Resources

  • Family-Friendly Community-Inclusive Events

  • Annual EMCS Scholarship – Awarded to a student who promotes the positive inclusion of those with special needs at school and in the community

They are devoted to making a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Sherri is also member of the BC Autism Society

About My Family 

Sherri lives in the sea-side town of Sooke on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  She enjoys keeping busy with her children: Ayden, Ethan and Samantha.  This includes supporting their increased independence as they move from teenagers to young adults, as well as volunteering with them for various school, sport & community initiatives. 


What Inspires Me

Sherri thoroughly enjoys keeping fit by walking daily to the river with her favorite tunes (#Fleetwood Mac) as well as, doing yoga.  She also likes to read self-help and business books. She especially loves the opportunity to indulge in a great rock concert or live comedy performance. 

Sherri is devoted to many practices related to the magic & mysticism of the universe.  She is a Reiki Master and regular practices self-care through Reiki, Tarot Reading, Journaling, Gratitude and other spiritual practices that fill her life with positive love, light and energy. 


Her mantra is "Be the light, spread the light." 

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